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Monday, August 19, 2019
Attendance clip art
Attendance clip art
A note from Mrs. Miller

Hello North Cumberland Families,

I would like to welcome everyone back to school. The year is getting off and started very quickly. North is a wonderful community of learning. We want all of our students to be successful. We at North offer many learning opportunities within the school day through programs and technology. Other opportunities are available in the evenings with clubs and athletics.

So we ask that you help give your students the best opportunities for learning as well.

Regular ATTENDANCE is key to learning success. This includes ALL grade levels. Studies show Kindergarten and 1 st grade students who are frequently absent fall behind before ever having a chance to get started and remain behind their entire academic career. Upper grades begin varied subject level content, as well as, reading content. When students are frequently absent at these levels, they fall even farther behind. Ideally 5 or less absences are considered acceptable by the State as it monitors student absenteeism. Please work diligently to have your students at school unless they sick. Schedule appointments after school if possible. And remember, tardies and early dismissals cause loss of instructional time too! Working together we can provide your students with the best learning opportunities for optimal growth. Thank you in advance for your assistance and support as the year progresses.

Sharon Miller

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