Executive Order from Governor is Issued

clip art executive order

🚨Due to the recent Executive Order, paper packets will not be available for pickup at schools until after the order has been lifted. Once the order is lifted, packets may be picked up the following Monday.

✏️Students may still pick up a free printed packet from Staples as long as they are open. 

Thank you, Crossville Staples!

If you would like to print or view your packet at home, here is the link to all K-8 packets: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Amf-NpYNRgGAXBeqBii2YnTwokUdtDAa?usp=sharing

Edit to add:
**High school students- packets will be added to this same link as they become available.  Staples also has this live link, so as we add them here, Staples will be able to print them off for you as well.