Mr. Fuhrman


Welcome to North Cumberland Elementary School! I look forward to working with you and your family this year to engage in high-quality learning and character-developing experiences for our students. We set and hold high expectations for our students and seek to empower our students to succeed in their present and future endeavors. To accomplish this, it is necessary that we establish and sustain strong, honest relationships with our families to collaboratively equip students for success. The purpose of this handbook is to provide a basis for such relationships and to inform parents, families, and others about our expectations, policies, and procedures which help to support
a safe and supportive learning environment.

As North’s principal, I ask that you play an active role in your child’s education, communicating with our school faculty and staff so that we may work together to inform how to best meet your children’s needs. The success of a school is measured by the success of its students, and you have a wonderful opportunity to contribute to that success. As we all encounter new ideas, challenges, and curricular requirements, it is important that we keep in close communication for the benefit of our students.

Keep a positive growth mindset, encouraging your children to work diligently to meet their learning goals; acknowledge their efforts to do so, rather than simply complimenting good work. Our minds are such that they develop based on what they think they can do, and we can generally do far more than we initially expect. 

Set high expectations for your child, both academically and in respect to his or her character, realizing that children generally want to rise to the expectations of those who love them. Attitudes, academic performance, and developed relationships are all reflections of the models students see and the importance attributed to them.

Stay in touch with your child’s teacher to develop a partnership that supports your child and to find out what suggestions or recommendations your child’s teacher may have to offer, based on his or her observations, assessments, and experiences with your child.

Please be encouraged to call the school if you have questions about your child’s progress, and, most importantly, help your children to understand the value of education well beyond school experiences as a basis for strong communication, relational skills, and numerous other transferable skills that contribute to life success. Teachers are available at designated times during the school day to contact or meet with parents and partners in a child’s education. Please make an appointment if you would like to speak to your child’s teacher, either by directly contacting your child’s teacher through email, Remind, or other contacts provided or by leaving a message in the office.

Your sincere investment of time, energy, and love in your child or children and their success in school is invaluable and pays a variety of dividends both for their present and future success.

Thomas Fuhrman, North Cumberland Elementary Principal

Mr. Davis

Welcome to North!