Bus Conduct

The school bus is an extension of school activity; therefore, students shall conduct themselves on the bus in a manner consistent with the established standards for safety and classroom behavior. In order to maintain conditions and atmosphere suitable for learning, no person shall enter onto a school bus except students assigned to that bus.  Students are assigned a school bus by the transportation supervisor.

Students are under the supervision/control of the bus driver while on his/her bus, and all directions given by him/her shall be followed.  If there is a serious discipline issue, the principal of the student transported shall be informed by the bus driver and may be called upon to assist. A student may be denied the privilege of riding the bus if he/she disobeys state or local rules and regulations pertaining to student transportation. A student wishing to ride a bus other than the assigned bus must have written parental permission and administrative approval. The student must bring the parent note to the office to receive approval. The student must have a note from the office in order to board the bus.


  1. Cooperate with and obey the driver.
  2. Do not use profanity.
  3. Your bottom must be in the seat at all times.
  4. Use a soft speaking voice, never yell.
  5. Do not damage the bus, bus seats, or windows.
  6. Keep all belongings and self inside the bus.
  7. Throw nothing out of the bus windows.            
  8. Glass containers and extra-large items are not permitted.
  9. Follow your driver's rules about candy, food and drink.
  10. Possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, and/or a weapon is illegal.
  11. Remember that the bus stop is an extension of school grounds. Follow school rules by keeping your hands to yourself at all times.

Discipline Procedures:

  • 1st offense: Written warning

  • 2nd offense: Bus privileges denied for 3 days

  • 3rd offense: Bus privileges denied for 2 weeks

  • 4th offense: Bus privileges denied for 9 weeks

  • 5th offense: Bus privileges denied for 1 calendar year