Parent Involvement Plan

The Patriot Plan

Parents And Teachers Reaching Involvement Only Together

Part 1: General Expectation

North Cumberland Elementary School agrees to implement the following requirements:

  1. Use the Cumberland County School Board's Parent Involvement Policy as our foundation.

  2. Use the System's Parent/Family Involvement Policy as the basis for our individual school plan.

  3. Develop jointly with Family Friendly Schools Team and Patriot families and distribute to all families of our students a written parent/family involvement plan, with amendments as necessary, to keep an agreed upon plan, herein known as the "Patriot Plan".  (Parents and Teachers Reaching Involvement Only Together).

  4. Notify all families of this "Patriot Plan" through our school website (, paper distribution, and in a language the parents can understand if needed.

  5. Update the "Patriot Plan" periodically to meet the changing needs of our families and school.

  6. Entertain family comments and submit any unsatisfactory comments with the plan to the system.

  7. Make the "Patriot Plan" available in various locations (school library, office, etc.) for all to view.

  8. Share jointly with Patriot families the responsibility for student academic growth.

North Cumberland believes that there is a team consisting of staff, parents, families, and community members providing participation and involvement with regular meaningful communication that will help ensure the academic learning of our students, believing that this team plays an integral role in assisting the child in learning by being actively involved in the child's education.



Part 2: Parents And Teachers Reaching Involvement Only Together Plan Implementation
Revised Plan

Goal 1:

The "Patriot Plan" will keep all families informed of Title 1 status, State of the School and opportunities for involvement and participation by parents.


  • Develop Parent Involvement Plan known as "Patriot Plan"/Family Friendly School Team.
  • Early in the school year, we will hold our annual Title 1 meeting (Back to School Night) to inform of Title 1 rights and state of the school.
  • Offer various meeting times to make parents aware of student status before, after, and during school.
  • Host a parent/teacher conference night twice each year.
  • Keep parents aware of various activities through school-wide monthly calendars of events, website, texting programs used by various grade levels, newsletters, school sign, and individual announcements.
  • Offer parents individual conferences to explain curriculum, assessments, and proficiencies.
  • Maintain awareness of student progress through reports every 4.5 weeks.
  • Hold PTO meetings to inform the parents and community of school projects.


Goal 2:

The "Patriot Plan" will allow for joint responsibility developed by the school and parents.


  • Meet with team and any interested parent or community members to modify existing Parent and School Compact, better developing the school's responsibility, the parent's responsibility, or the student's responsibility for the academic success of the student.
  • Address the importance of communication between the parent and school through parent and teacher conferences and also through email. (Who is involved? Principal, teachers, and parents and will be ongoing throughout the year. A minimum of 2 per year)
  • Ask for volunteers to help with the development of the student and communication with the homes allowing for participation and observation. (Principal, teachers, parents/ Beginning of school year, throughout year/ Volunteer sheet)
  • Implement a Literacy Program to help students. (Volunteer tutors/ Literacy Leader, and other volunteers/ Ongoing throughout school year/ Teacher referrals and volunteer sign-ins)


Goal 3:

The "Patriot Plan" will build capacity for involvement with parents, school, and community to improve student academic achievement


Address parent understanding of State Standards, TN Ready, and Teacher Assessments through various meetings.

  • Provide parent classes for understanding state standards, TN Ready, and teacher assessments and how to work with the teachers to improve achievement and understand the parents' own responsibilities.
  • Offer workshops to help parents work with their children to improve academic achievement.
  • Offer Parent Resource Center to assist both with literature and video to aid parents in their development to help their children learn.
  • Offer Literacy Nights  (and/or Math Nights) to support student achievement and parental involvement.
  • Offer parent classes for opportunities for a refresher or GED preparations.
  • Offer parent classes for PreK and Kinder Reading Readiness.


Goal 4:

The "Patriot Plan" will include opportunities for integration of professional development for staff in the value of parent contributions, reaching out to, and working with parents to build ties between the school and our parents.


  • Teach strategies for staff to coordinate with parents.
  • Coordinate as possible with community schools.
  • North Cumberland Elementary School with the implementation of the "Patriot Plan" will provide reasonable support for parent involvement as parents may request, providing for opportunities for the participation of families with limited English proficiency, disabilities, and migrant, as needed, to remove any possible barriers. The "Patriot Plan" will use the Title 1 parent involvement allocated funds to implement the parent involvement programs to be beneficial to the school, parents, and students.
  • The Cumberland County School System Parental Notification Document is available on the community table in front of the office for your convenience.