School Counseling

The school counselor’s role in North Cumberland Elementary School is to provide support for all students, parents, school staff, and the community at large. Our goal is to ensure that all students are prepared for their next steps into their academic and personal futures. We design our program to assist and help guide students to have appropriate development, growth, social and emotional skills to handle the rigors they will face. 

We provide these skills and tools in some of the following ways;

  1. Weekly Whole class instruction designed to develop age appropriate skills for coping and growth in both academic and social abilities.

  2. Group counseling of students with specific learning, social, or other concerns that can be shared and work together as a group to resolve the issues and concerns.

  3. Individual brief counseling designed to assist students with quick resolutions of barriers to learning in the school setting.

  4. The school counseling program also works within the school and community to expand the wants and needs of the students in the school. This, for example, can be funding for a school project or getting materials donated to assist students or teachers in learning.

  5. The school counselor also provides and researches programs and groups that can provide extra assistance for students and their families in times of need or crisis.